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OK, lets get personal here...

full name is Callum James Duffy.

has a natural creative sense.

has been wandering the world for 24 years.

travels solo

once poured a pint of beer for Steve McManaman.

is into the wild.

is an artist & designer.

has an amazon parrot called Charlie

had a pet guinea pig called Sooty as a child.

sometimes works on television and film.

is currently a bartender

once fractured his arm on the monkey bars as a child.

has a photographer studio called The CJD Shot.

once lived in Hungary as a student.

makes small films with Lego.

walks through the landscape taking photographs.

has hosted virtual cocktail classes.

has a great mother.

understands failing means learning.

once surfed off the coast of England at 2am.

has a bachelors degree in architecture.

is a moderately mediocre guitarist.

has a jack russell named Stan

and an american bully called Odin.

updated list May 2021


The CJD Project is also a photographer and film-maker over at The CJD Shot, check out their work and the website below.

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